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Discover how to ease somatic tension caused by stressful relationships 

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Petya has been the biggest help at the hardest time of my life. She provided me with a safe space to be vulnerable. This allowed me the opportunity to see where my discomfort was physically AND emotionally. She taught me many different tools to navigate through these experiences. It has allowed me to not feel afraid about making mistakes, it allowed me to be more confident in myself, and I learned to value the most important relationship I have – with myself. This new found confidence has fundamentally changed who I am today and how I show up for my family and friends. I will be forever grateful for this experience. It wasn’t an easy path but the results are still occurring even until today.

~ happy client, health professional, wife and business owner

Does this sound familiar?

You’ve tried EVERYthing to reduce anxiety and stress, but you aren’t getting the results you desire. Certain events or relationships from your past are still haunting your mind.

You’re waking up achy and tired. Physical symptoms like unexplained pain, discomfort, skin irritation, sleep or digestive problems, are causing you to obsess over what could be wrong with you.

 You’re healing from a past relationship dynamic (intimate or otherwise) or you feel unhappy and disconnected in your current relationships.

 You’re ready to throw in the towel, but refuse to accept that you have to learn to live with this. You’ll do whatever it takes.

 You’re committed to your personal development journey, reading, learning and implementing healing tools and practices.

 You’re ready to dive deep. You want to tame those old generational patterns once and for all and just STOP!

Stop doubting, limiting, apologizing, neglecting, abusing and abandoning yourself; 

Stop reacting to your triggers by stuffing your face

Stop getting so caught up on what other people will think, so much so that you forget what YOU really want

Those are unconscious patterns, they are not serving you, and it’s time to upgrade them  

 Ready to receive those manifestations you’ve been crafting in your journals for years?

Soulful relationships?

Successful career?

Stable finances?

A body you absolutely adore?

A mind that is clear, confident and supportive of your powerful human nature?

 Are you ready to experience the deep love and joy you know is available to you?

If you recognize yourself here,

then lean right in, dear one…

I help passionate womxn, who run a household and a business, to go from heavy, tired and overwhelmed, to feeling calm, peaceful and content in their body, mind and relationships

Petya & her Body Wisdom Magic

Feeling free and light in my body has been one of my goals and dreams and I began to truly accomplish that when I  started working with Petya! It is one thing to come across information and experiences that will help you make that body mind connection AND it is another thing altogether to work with someone who is gifted with tremendous laser focused intuition and the magical ability to help you identify precisely what is underneath your physical ailment (pain, weight gain / loss, discomfort) and IN DOING SO, help you actually resolve it!

For me, It is about showing up as the fullest expression of myself, especially in my business and in relationships with my loved ones. And THAT is exactly what continues to happen through the work I do with Petya. She has a way of extracting what is at the root cause of all the stuff that is happening on the surface, aka all the physical symptoms, and helping you to connect the dots and find answers to things you had no idea you needed, and as a result the healing and transformation occurs automagically! Inside out. Outside in.

I’ll share with you my signature framework for using your body as your roadmap to wellness and success in life and business. 

Also, I’ll also show you how to: 

Release old baggage for good

Gain personal inner clarity

Feel great in your own body

Safely process past emotional trauma from childhood

Nurture your body with food and movement


Set clear boundaries that serve your highest potential

Communicate your truth in relationships

What would your life look like if you could show up as your most empowered self

What if you showed up in all of your relationships without hesitation and people pleasing

You’d have some pretty solid personal boundaries and feel like you are the actual creator of your desired life experience, just as some of my clients share below….

I had a life changing session with Petya and strongly recommend her <3 I had never heard about her work before, and was so amazed by the result!


Petya taught me how to have a conversation with my body… very powerful. I also learned how to reframe my thinking, such as to say that ‘I’m not allowing my gifts to come forth’ instead of saying that ‘my gifts are blocked.’ Huge because I can choose to allow… Fabulous!


Talking through this with you has made me realize I’ve given my power away, I’m not living my life, I’m living through his life. I realize I need to use my sources, come up with a plan, present it to him… we can discuss it but I won’t present it as wanting his approval or thoughts BUT as my plan to fulfill my dream. Thank you


I also had an amazing eye opening session with Petya H James! Her calmness, her soothing voice, her wisdom enabled me to “go there” and feel the “aura” of my pain (in my elbow) that has become chronic. I felt body temperature changes and other sensations as she talked. I felt pin pricks in my elbow when we touched on something I haven’t been able to verbalize until my session with her. I’ve been reading “The Body keeps score” and this session with Petya was exactly what I needed to start delving into the connection between my body and my mind. So good! Try it!!


After one session with Petya I was able to release the shame and guilt I had around a past “failed” endeavour and step into the possibility of what could be…days after our session, I was flooded with inspired ideas for new projects. Thank you Petya for helping me release old baggage and shed that weight! You’re a true gift.


Working with Petya helped break down some major heart walls I didn’t even know that I had. Breaking down these walls acted as a catalyst for receptivity in my life. My marriage massively shifted to total bliss (and hello great sex) and my income in my business also exploded. In addition, I found myself open to receiving support ins ways I rejected before that allows these shifts to be sustainable, not just a quick pendulum swing. I know without a doubt my time with Petya allowed this upleveling to take place in my place. I’m so grateful for her work.

“Absolutely amazing!!! Knowing I can overcome something by speaking with you for a few minutes via Voxer is fantastic. Having done traditional coaching & therapy for years – I was very skeptical of your approach. But it is the best! Not having to wait a week or 2 to deal with your emotions & then stuff everything into an hour – what a difference!!! I feel so much lighter since working with you!!!”


What we do today

matters tomorrow…

I’m on a mission to contribute to the upbringing of a conscious next generation. 

By gracefully helping you to…

 Emerge as the connected & embodied leader your kids need you to be. 

 Install healthy emotional habits into your children by upgrading your own childhood programming. 

 Support your kids in experiencing a childhood they won’t have to heal from.



The private containers I facilitate are safe, inclusive, non-judgmental and supportive, so that you can feel comfortable to explore, heal and transform from the inside out

The Wise Body Path 

Your conscious path towards inner healing, self love and emotional mastery, where you get to acquire and strengthen the skillsets required to process difficult emotions, set clear boundaries and communicate effectively in your relationships.. and most importantly teach your children to do the same.

What’s next?

Book your Zoom Consultatio
n to find out how I can help

 If we’re a good fit we’ll move forward together into a private & safe space where you get direct access to me


What to expect inside the container?

judgement free space, where you feel comfortable expressing yourself completely uncensored. 

 A gentle, yet direct presence, meaning, no sugar coating  

 An invitation to show up fully and unapologetically as yourself 

 Weekly touch point and check-ins 

 Personalized messages channeled with brilliant accuracy

 A beautiful blend of therapy, spirituality and coaching 

 Professional advise you can trust


Some of my clients share their insights….

I’ve learned that a lot of times the pain I am feeling has very little to do with something I did physically, but more with emotional things, emotional baggage. And sometimes that baggage isn’t just mine. It’s inherited. You have such incredible insight and knowledge into what the body is trying to say, release, acknowledge.

One of the biggest things I’ve learned is that when I have pain, it’s time to listen to my body. It’s trying to tell me something. If I can listen without judgement, and just accept what it is telling me, then I can release the next layer. It’s easier said than done, which is where your guidance is so valuable.

The body champagne visualization is my favorite! The energy is always in motion and guiding us towards optimal health. You were able to help me connect to my body on a cellular level to uncover my intuition. You are a body whisperer!

Hi, I’m Petya

I am a MindBody Expert and Spiritual Mentor for passionate womxn and entrepreneurs with children.

I am professionally trained and experienced as a therapist and coach with background in Massage Therapy and Spiritual Psychotherapy. I often work in collaboration with your other health practitioners to offer optimum support to you – the client! If you don’t have a holistic health team, I can help you figure out who you need to support you. 

I have close to 15 years of experience in private practice offering mind and body-oriented therapy. Women who work with me, say that they have been able to successfully heal and overcome stubborn cases of: physical pain, headaches, sciatica, body stiffness, weight issues, childhood trauma, poor circulation, and things like, muscle-held memory resulting from past emotional suffering or depression.

This is achieved through my unique approach that beautifully blends both, body and mind modalities to access a deeply healing state. That’s where you get to awaken your own healing resources and inner wisdom. Getting out of your head and into your body takes time, willingness and practice. If you are looking for a quick fix, this may not be the approach for you. I am an advocate for a conscious next generation. At the core of my WHY are Resilient Children. The work I do is my passion and calling because it directly supports those who lead by example. Your children need an adult-parent to guide them, not a wounded-child living in a grown person’s body

It’s my mission to help you nurture your inner child, so that you can heal past trauma and embody the fullest, most capable version of your adult self. The version of you that’s able and willing to share the same nurturing experience with your own children, and create a new generation of happy, healthy, emotionally resilient adults. It starts with you!

My work is evolving in a direction that allows me to share this fundamental work in schools and educational facilities promoting Emotional Literacy for parents and teachers. 

Are you a teacher, school director or education coordinator interested in having me speak at your establishment?


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    The Abortion

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    The Twins

    The Twins

    The Twins. This is where my motherhood journey began. 

    I was 12 years old when my mother gave birth to a little boy and a girl – twins. I went from being an only child to a big sister of two. I quickly  became one of their primary caregivers, my mom’s right hand so to say.

    My family was going through a change, not only because of the new babies, but in our relationships. My mom had just remarried and we were navigating a blended family dynamic. At this point in my life, as I write about it, I’ve done a lot of work to understand the dynamic and my experience back then. 

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    How else can you hang out with me?

     In person… in  Beautiful St. Lucia, of course! 

    St Lucia is our second home and my husband’s home country, so believe me, we know our way around. People from all over the world come to experience our Healing Holiday™️ Retreats – incredible opportunities to embrace and support the local culture as you enjoy the pristine nature and sunshine the island has to offer.

    10 awesome personal truths:


    I was born and raised in Bulgaria until I was 15. That’s when my family, including my twin brother and sister who were 3 years old at the time, moved to Canada. March 2000. Big moves!


    By the age of 17, I was fully capable of taking care of not one, but two, 3 year olds. I’m talking: school picks up and drop offs, meals (home made and all). My parents were busy working and providing for our family. We did what we had to, and made it work!


     I’m a Gemini and my siblings are twins. That always fascinated me. I’ve witnessed some pretty cool interactions between them. Total telepathy. Super cool. I love observing children’s behaviour.


    My husband and I were in a long distance relationship for 3 years early into our relationship. THAT was probably the best thing that happened for us. A year into our relationship, he decided to move back home, to St. Lucia for family reasons. We used the distance as an opportunity to learn to COMMUNICATE effectively and TRUST each other. FINE, twist my arm, I’ll have to come visit!


    The distance was the hardest thing ever, but I used to visit him every few months, until he was ready to come back to Toronto, where we currently live with our daughter Maya.


    I used to work at a “Cash Money”, a money loan place where I used to actually discourage people from borrowing, because it a really vicious cycle, while also working to fund my Massage Therapy Training tuition back in 2005. It was a bullet-proof office where I got to count big wads of cash, while learning in depth about the human anatomy and physiology. Good times!


    The irony is that years later I ended up declaring bankruptcy, which was MY opportunity for a fresh financial start. I’ve been improving my money and wealth consciousness mindset and truly receiving the abundance that I create.


    My daughter Maya Anelia was born 12 days past her estimated due date. She did not want to come out. I felt amazing throughout the entire pregnancy. As a Mind & Body Expert and having coached many women throughout pregnancy, I so wanted to experience the natural labour and pain.  She chose a Cesarean birth. My girl is someone who likes the door held open for her.


    Some people are excited when they find money in forgotten places, I love finding essential oils in random pockets and purses. It lights up my soul so much. Aromatherapy is wonderful!


    Why do I always talk about the body? Because I think that it’s the most powerful tool you have to navigate through this life. The body, when you know how to listen and understand it, can guide you every step of the way to wherever it is your heart desires. I’ve learned to use my body as a tool for clarity and I can show you how to do that too!

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