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Decoding the generational blueprint

5 day virtual retreat to explore the emotional patterns passed down from generation to generation

(Begins March 26th-30th, Daily LIVE sessions streamed at 11am EST inside a private FB group)

For the woman who leads a household and a business…

The one who navigates the emotional rollercoasters in relationships… 

For the woman who:

 Has birth children 

 Is raising step children 

 Would like to heal her relationship with their own mother 

 For mothers and daughters to do this work together 

 For women who want to have children one day

The Message

It’s time to heal multigenerational trauma passed down through women for centuries 

Being a mother isn’t just about having children,  it’s a healing journey of body, mind and soul 

There are so many nuances of motherhood. 

To mother is to heal. 

We carry in our bodies the generational blueprint of our ancestors. 

We are the representatives of our lineage 

There are many powerful,. Beautiful things that we’ve embodied, that are worth carrying on. 

But,  there are also many cycles that we don’t need to repeat and pass on to the next generations.

Do you see yourself as the ONE who gets to interrupt the patterns? 

Will you choose to say: “the cycle stops with me” 

I Invite you to “MOTHER – decoding the generational blueprint”  

A 5 DAY VIRTUAL RETREAT to support you in  healing the mother wound.

My intention is to create a safe space for you to come home to yourself in community.


Decoding the generational blueprint

What is the mother’s wound?

A concept that explores the generational trauma passed down from grandmothers to mothers to daughters caused by living in an oppressive patriarchal society. 

Are you THE ONE?

Are you the one who’ll choose to end the oppression and patriarchal patterns of scarcity that have been passed on from generation to generation in your lineage? 

The one who’s aware enough to begin repairing the wounds caused by generational trauma?

If you are the one who’s choosing to lead a new path for yourself and your future generations, I’ve created this space for us. 

Because I’m like you!

I am the one that’s breaking the generational curses and paving a new path for my children 

I recognize that, I am my children’s future ancestor and that means something to me. 

I see the patterns and I notice that they aren’t mine 

I’m the one who has all it takes to create change 

To heal 

To transform 

My motherhood journey actually began  when I was 12 and  became an older sister to twins. 

I say I’m the mother to 8 (if we include my own inner child) 


 An abortion 

 A miscarieage 

 A birth child 

 A step child 

 A second birth child (currently baking in my proverbial oven)

 And my own inner child, of course, with whom, I check in daily. 

Each one of those experiences has profoundly changed me as a person and as a mother figure 

Each time the layers of healing have gone deeper, and each time the desire to be the one who breaks the generational patterns has become stronger. 

This virtual retreat is a healing experience where we’ll explore the mother wound.

Women, especially those who are mothers or want to be mothers,  have struggled for generations.

The motherhood journey isn’t always easy and it can present deep emotional challenges.

If the mother has gone through difficult times.. Or her mother.. 

Things like depression, mental illness, discrimination, war, abuse etc.. 

She may not have been fully present with her children, not because she didn’t want to..

But because she wasn’t able to.

Then the mother wound was created. 

Even if…

the mother was present physically, but emotionally she was struggling, there was an energetic wound created. It can look in many different ways.

Now we have the tools. We have safe spaces for the mother to be held, seen and supported.

I want to raise my kids in a way that won’t create a mother wound.

They need my unconditional presence. 

The only way they can get that is if I have a way of processing my stress and being fully supported myself 

I get to lead my family and influence the next generation and so do you!

Who can benefit from exploring the mother wound:  

 High tolerance for unacceptable behavior 

 Keeping yourself small 

 Fear of success 

 Difficulty receiving money and/or love 

 Always being the caretaker in relationships 

 Wanting to save people 

 Self sabotaging behaviors, addictions, 

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a great relationship with my mom. How does this apply?

Great question. You may have a working relationship with you mother now and that’s great. Has your mother or her mother experienced difficulties, physical, mental, emotional etc? This work is energetic and one can do it for the whole lineage. You can also chose to do this with your mother if you are comfortable and she  is open and willing

I’m very present with my children, both physically and emotionally. Do I need to do this work?

How is your relationship with your mom? How is her relationship with her mom? I believe that you are doing your very best with your kids and I trust that you are an amazing mom. This work is beneficial for all generations in time. There energetics present that we can override for a period of time by choosing to change and be different parents, but the fact is, usually the linage needs healing. 

My mother has passed. Can I still do this work?


I don’t have children and don’t think I will. Can I do this work?

Yes! This is about your own healing. It will reflect in the kind of person that you are and the relationships you have 

I’m a mother, but don’t have daughters. Should I still do this work?

What’s your relationship with YOUR mother like? If there has been a challenge or difficulty in your relationship with your mom, then likely this experience will serve you.

Let’s put it this way..

As daughters, we internalize our mother’s thoughts and beliefs. If mom was physically present but emotionally unavailable, that created a wound 

If she was not always physically present but emotionally available when she was there, that also may have created a would 

Especially if things weren’t explained in an age appropriate way and reconfirmed later in life. 

This isn’t to blame or mothers’ quite the opposite – it’s about understanding, acceptance and forgiveness for our mother and the lineage of women who came before you. 

If she didn’t show up in a way you needed her to, it’s because she simply didn’t have the tools, the words or the ability to communicate clearly what was happening 

If mom was experiencing ANY SORT OF TRAUMA, that created a wound.

Now, more than ever before…

We need safe spaces, curated experiences and guidance to doing this work. And I believe it happens in community.

Because collective trauma is healed in community, not individually. 

I am committed to curating a safe, equitable and inclusive healing environment for us, for our children, for our communities. 


Hi, I’m Petya

I am a Somatic Therapist and Mentor  for passionate womxn who are also raising children in this world.  I support mamas in navigating the emotional rollercoasters within the family dynamic with more confidence and ease. 

My professional training is in Craniosacral Massage Therapy and Spiritual Psychotherapy. I often work in collaboration with other health practitioners to offer optimum support to you/ 

I have over 15 years of experience in private practice offering mind and body-oriented therapy. People who work with me say that they have been able to heal and overcome stubborn symptoms like: chronic pain, headaches, sciatica, digestive problems, weight issues, poor circulation, and things like, muscle-held memory resulting from childhood trauma or past emotional suffering and depression.

This is achieved through my unique approach that beautifully blends both, body and mind modalities to access a deeply healing state. That’s where you get to awaken your own healing resources and inner wisdom. Getting out of your head and into your body takes time, willingness and practice. If you are looking for a quick fix, this may not be the approach for you. I am an advocate for a conscious next generation. At the core of my WHY are Resilient Children. The work I do is my passion and calling because it directly supports those who lead by example. Your children need an adult-parent to guide them, not a wounded-child living in a grown person’s body

It’s my mission to help you nurture your inner child, so that you can heal past trauma and embody the fullest, most capable version of your adult self. The version of you that’s able and willing to share the same nurturing experience with your own children, and create a new generation of happy, healthy, emotionally resilient adults. It starts with you!

My work is evolving in a direction that allows me to share this fundamental work in schools and educational facilities promoting Emotional Resilience for parents and teachers. I am currently working on becoming a recognized partner with the TDSB (Toronto District School Board) by providing resources on Cultivating safety in schools, advocating for anti racism and anti oppression school culture and promoting equity, inclusion and safety from a trauma informed lens. 

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    Mother: Decoding the Generational Blueprint

    March 26 - 31, 2022 | 11am EST

    5 day virtual retreat to explore the emotional patterns passed down from generation to generation.

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