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The Mothership Journey


I started this blog because I wanted to capture my story on what I describe as my mothership journey.  My personal motherhood journey started when I was 12 years old. 

I’ve been through a lot of nuanced expressions of motherhood and I wanted to capture some of those in this blog. 

My intention is to inspire women, mothers who read this because I know how challenging this Motherhood can be.

I’ll be sharing my personal story as well as what i see working for my clients who choose the walk this path together. We live in a world right now, in 2022, where there is a lot of uncertainty. So much projected fear, and raising children right now is an endeavour that is both necessary and difficult. 

I want to be an influence on your path, to share with you ways to stay present, calm and confident as you raise your children on this mothership journey.

I’m passionate about helping you to be the leader you children deserve. 

I’m wasn’t sure what to call this blog, it still might change, but the word MOTHERSHIP  has been coming up in my mind a lot lately. 

I looked it up and this is what google had to say for the meaning of Motherships. 

“Mother ship ; mother ship, ; mothership or ; mother-ship is a large vehicle that leads, serves, or carries other smaller vehicles”

And in a way this is exactly what we do. As the mother figure in a family, we are the ones that lead, serve and carry the smaller ones. Both physically and emotionally.

And as the one who leads we need to make sure that we are supported, cared for and served the way we need to.

This is why i’ve decided to share these letters with you, to remind you of you who you are, when you forget.

The purpose of this journal is too open up the possibility for healing connection and community.  Healing in community is the way to ensure that our children will get to live in a new world. 

We’ve been so separated, disconnected, severed… left to figure things out on our own.

Traumatized.. I’ve watched so many of my own triggers surface in the last few years. And I am someone who’s been doing personal trauma healing work for 15 + years.

What I know for sure is that it’s never done. Things will come up and based on your lived experience, you’ll get to face triggers, familiar and unfamiliar. Things you thought you’ve already dealt with. 

This is true for me, and maybe you’ve noticed it too.

Right now, if you are raising children, they are living an experience of trauma. This is not to scare or blame you. In fact, I want to normalize that trauma is currently happening to all of us and raise awareness so that we can deal with it effectively. 

And in the words of Dr. Gabor Mate,

“Trauma is not the difficult events that happened to us, but that no one was there to help us process it.” 

But you know what else? 

We have tools, knowledge, experience and expertise available to be able to deal with it at the moment. So that it doesn’t get embodied and stored for years to come. If this is allowed to happen, it can eventually manifest as physical, mental or other forms of dis-ease.

This is WHY I am here writing this.. This is why i’ve devoted my work to supporting women and this is what i’ve come here to express in this life time.

I’m here to help.. 

It begins with you, and it begins with safety. 

I will be sharing  tools, spaces and opportunities to experience safe, trauma sensitive healing environments for you as a human being. I want to support you in being able to repair, reparent, reconnect, reclaim parts of yourself.

To be able to show up fully and unconditionally as the extraordinary parent your children chose you and knew you could be.

I am so passionate about this work. And i believe we can truly make a difference in how our children develop. To teach them as soon as humanly possible, how to process their emotions, feel their feelings, express themselves freely.

But how can we do that for them if we don’t know how to do it for ourselves?

I was recently interviewed on two different podcasts 

And the same question came up.. 

“What do we do as parents, when we really want to help our children but we feel triggered?”

My answer to that was: “Become a safe space for yourself and your trigger first! Even if you have to walk away and take a (bathroom) break, you need to be able to meet yourself first, acknowledge your feelings/trigger/experience. Only then can you begin to understand and separate it from your child. All that before you come back to them and attempt to remedy the situation.. “

You are no good to anyone if you don’t feel safe and grounded in your body. 

We talk about this process extensively inside my program – The Wise Body Path – where I share my signature somatic healing framework for creating safety within and healing generational trauma. 

This work is more than necessary. It is fundamental to the Mothership Journey.

In the next few personal blog posts I will share more about my own mothership journey.. 

From becoming a big sister to twins at the age of 12. 

To the abortion. 

To the miscarriage. 

To my first born child. 

To my bonus child (teenage stepdaughter) .

To the one currently baking in my belly (Feb 2022).

To, of course, my own inner child.

All of these experiences have helped me strengthen my mama muscles and continue to do so every day. 

I feel confident raising children in these messed up times we live in. Because i know that these souls that are choosing to come through me and to me have such an inspiring mission. And I know that I have what it takes to be a safe, solid ground for them to land. So that they can express their uniqueness out into the world freely and unapologetically.  

And I believe that you, too, have what it takes. 

Thank you for allowing me to share my story with you and thank you for your willingness to walk this path with me 

Big Love, 



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