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How do you find the right therapist, coach or practitioner to support you without wasting your money and time? 


The question is no longer IF you need a therapist. Instead the question is… HOW DO YOU FIND THE RIGHT FIT for a therapist, coach, practitioner or a medical professional to support you? 

So many people feel disappointed after trying a certain practitioner, therapist, or modality, without getting the desired results. 

Can you relate?

Have you ever gone to see a therapist or a practitioner because someone recommended them to you, only to walk away feeling like that was a waste of time and money? 


How do you choose the right therapist, the right modality…Etc?


There isn’t really a formula or a one size fits all here. 

I meet clients everyday, and everyday, at least one person will share that they’ve done therapy, such as talk therapy or bodywork or a certain therapeutic modality, and they don’t feel it worked. 

Often when the therapy ‘doesn’t work’ it’s because it’s not the right fit FOR YOU, either as a modality or the individual therapist practicing it. 

This is not wrong and it doesn’t mean that the therapist / practitioner is not good at it. It just means that it’s a mismatch, and there’s nothing wrong with recognizing that. 

I’ve had some of the most healing conversations with clients who weren’t a good match for me, because that helped them find the right person to support them. So many people are afraid to speak up even when something doesn’t feel right. They keep attending weekly sessions and treatments, always walk away feeling like something isn’t working. Often people do this out of politeness and not wanting to appear rude, difficult or demanding. 

Unfortunately more often than not, feeling like THEY are the reason why it  isn’t working.

And that’s simply not true. 


I want to normalize the fact that you, as the client, are in charge and should feel able to interview the people that are supporting your health. 

One of the most important things, and this is what I teach my clients, is the ability to advocate for yourself and your needs. That means with all medical professionals, doctors, therapists, practitioners, coaches and healers.

Yes, in most cases they are well trained and can help guide you to your desired goal. But they don’t always know what’s right for you. 

A great therapist is able to hold space and understands that they are not ALL that you need, because you are infinitely resourceful within. 

In my membership, The Wise Body Path, everyone starts with a training on “How To Create A Wellness Team To Support You. I teach people how to seek out the support they need. 

Even in therapy, I want people to feel empowered to choose who they see, and when. This is the kind of stuff that the current medical system is simply not designed to do, nor encourage.  They want you to go see who they tell you, when they tell you, and however  many times they tell you in order to see results. 

I simply believe that you, as the client, have inner resources and that support is mean to be exactly that – SUPPORT. Not the external ‘thing’’ that will solve your problems and fix what’s broken. 

Because there is nothing broken. You are not broken!! 


You are a wise being that is here with all of the resources you need. Including the knowledge of how to gather what you need but don’t yet have.  

I’m offering a Training next week on this. I’ll be showing you how to find the right therapist, the right modality and the right practitioner to support you.

Currently, I’m 5 months pregnant (2022) and I have a wellness team that is supporting me on regular basis. I see an osteopath, an acupuncturist, a massage therapist, a naturopath, and 2 psychotherapists (they both practice a different way) and 2 business coaches (both supporting me in a different way) 

Do I have to see all of those people? NO! 

Can I have a healthy pregnancy if I don’t? OF COURSE! 

But I see them, because at this stage in my life it’s what I need. I’ll break it down. 


→ My osteopath helps to make sure that my pelvis is aligned and that my baby has enough room to grow. She also works on releasing my diaphragm to free more breathing space. I’m not very tall and I’m known to carry big babies, so shortness of breath is a thing for me. We’re also working on some residual scarring of my lower abdominal muscles due to my previous C Section. 

→ I work with a Japanese Style acupuncturist helps me balance my nervous system and maintain a beautiful energy flow through all of my systems 

→ My massage therapist is just amazing. As a former massage therapist myself, I can’t tell you how incredible it feels to have that hands-on healing touch, to help soothe muscle tension, increase relaxation and pleasure. It’s just  wonderful!

→ I do occasional IV vitamin treatment with my naturopath, who helps me balance my hormones as well (especially after pregnancy) 

→ I’ve seem my psychotherapist for over a decade. She helps me with the verbal processing and I love her direct, yet gentle approach – no sugar coating – we just get work done. I speak to her when I know what I need to process ← THIS is the part i want to teach you. Don’t waste your time and money doing talk therapy if you don’t know what you need to process. 

→ My other psychotherapist is more of an energy healer and spiritual mentor to me. The space is so gentle and safely held that even just one session every few months helps to ground  me in my body 

→ And of course my business coaches – 2 at the moment. They support me in different, yet complementary ways. The highest forms of investment, and where I’m most self lead. 

You’re probably thinking – OKAY, but how do you afford all of this? 

Fair question. Personally, I have some insurance through my husbands work that helps to cover a good portion of these modalities, except the business mentorship. That’s the highest amount and truly an  investment in myself and my business. Of course I don’t see everyone in one single month. 

This brings me right back to the reason I wanted to share this blog post with you. 

You don’t need to do all of those weekly, or even monthly, unless you want to! 

If you want to have more frequent massages, then you can!

You can schedule a time with your therapist once a month or every couple of weeks.. Or once every quarter.

It all depends on your current situation and WHAT YOU NEED. 

You don’t have to have 5-6 people on your health team, it could be 1 or 2. 

I have a way of helping you understand and process your experience, SO THAT you can reach out to your health care team and get the support you really need. Even when that requires medical attention and possibly medication. 

Most of this work is personal development and growth. Feeling empowered and getting to really know yourself .

These are skills that, I believe, should be taught to us as early as possible in childhood. But often they’re not. 

I’m on a mission to ensure that happens, by helping parents, teachers and caregivers lead by example. 

My next workshop is on Wednesday, March 2nd at 1 pm EST 

I’ll be sharing a few points to consider as you create your own  health team to support you 

As a BONUS you’ll receive a downloadable PDF questionnaire that’ you can use to determine if someone is a good fit for you.. And if not how to politely say NO, or ask for a referral. 

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